Reclosable Poly Bags

Reclosable Poly Bags
Product Details


Material: PET/ PVC/ PS/ EVA/ Paper/ Metal or as your requirements

Logo printing: any colors  silk screen/ offset printing/pad printing/hot transfer printing

Product introduction:

Reclosable poly bags are reusable and have a variety of features so it can meet your storage needs. These bags are made from a durable 100% high transparency polyethylene film. It allows you to clearly see what's inside the bag so you can take out the inside or simply store any item. Our polyethylene bags are the right thickness and offer you the best storage capacity for a wide range of items.

Product characteristics:

These reclosable poly bags have a good seal and do not require tape or kinks and can be sealed. The seals are both strong and leak-proof, so they can effectively protect the items you place inside. This poly bag helps protect the environment and save money because it can be recycled.

reclosable poly bags are also ideal for storing perishable foods that need to be kept fresh. Whether you want the rest of the plastic bags or bags to store your picnic items, you can choose the resealable bags we produce. The bag we produce is also in direct contact with food. If you want to buy food-grade poly bag, you can contact us.

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