Colored Zip Lock Bags

Colored Zip Lock Bags
Product Details


Material: PET/ PVC/ PS/ EVA/ Paper/ Metal or as your requirements

Logo printing: any colors  silk screen/ offset printing/pad printing/hot transfer printing

Product introduction:

These colored zip lock bags can help you organize your classroom, office or studio. You can choose from red, blue, yellow, white and black zip pockets. Available in different thicknesses and sizes, these bags are suitable for most applications.

Product features:

1. Colored zip lock bags are made of high quality polyethylene film. Bags made of this material can be recycled, mainly because they are easy to rework. It has minimal degradation characteristics and has a large number of applications in packaging applications.

2. colored zip lock bags also have good elongation, electrical insulation, chemical stability, processing properties and low temperature resistance. The bag we produce does not contain impurities. Put it under the sun or the light, it has no black spots and no holes.

3. The bag contains no odor because it is a qualified plastic bag and no additives are used in the production process. This bag is rich in color because it uses a colorant that is harmless to the human body. The colorants used in it give the plastic a variety of bright, beautiful colors.

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