White Ktaft Paper Bag

White Ktaft Paper Bag
Product Details


Size: customized service is available

Color: brown, grey, white, green, gold, silver, etc

Material: washable kraft 

Product introduction:

The bag looks and feels like leather but can be easily washed. The paper used in our paper bags is made from virgin fiber from the planting, so it can be recycled or degraded.

Product features:

1. The size of this white ktaft paper bag can be customized, depending on your needs. This paper bag is available in a variety of colors. You can choose brown, gray, white, green, gold, silver, etc. The kraft paper bag we produce is food grade and environmentally friendly. It can be used to hold food or plants.

2. The material used in this white ktaft paper bag is washable, so it can be stone washed, biologically washed, or dry cleaned. Since the bag is washable, when the surface of the bag is dirty, it can be washed to keep its surface clean. This white ktaft paper bag is very resistant to abrasion and dirt. In addition, it has a good moisture resistance, so it can be very good to ensure that things placed inside the bag will not get wet.

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