Square Brown Washable Paper Bag with Handles

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Brown Foldable Square Washable Kraft Paper Bag with Handles

Brown Foldable Square Washable Kraft Paper Bag with Handles that look and feel like leather but wash with ease.Our paper is made by virgin fibre from cultivation and not from deforestation. Sustainability extends to sustainable use, finding new ways to use and reuse this simple paper bag.We make the seam by sewing on the side of the bag to make the front flat and beautiful. The metal eyelet design also adds a fashion look to the bag. 

You can also design the bag as you like it. The bag is washable when it's dirty or plicated.The material is eco-friendly and recycling. This type of washable paper bag can be used for clothes,fruits, nuts and accessories.

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Recommended size:   W28*D20.5*H35cm
Color: Black, Brown, Gold, Grey, Silver, White, etc
Material: Food grade washable kraft paper
Sewing:Sewed inside the bag to ensure the beauty of the outlook

1) It is stone-washing, biowashing, and also can be dry-cleaned

2) Great wear resistance and durability

3) Strong tear resistance and moisture resistance

4) No harmful substances. (Certificated)

5) Keep quality after wash

6) Comfortable hand feeling

7) Various color

Label:Free label with our own brand or information sewed on the side of the bag if you want.

Custom item please contact us! as below:

1.Custom Logo.

2.Custom paper color and type.

3.Custom portable type.

4.Custom size.

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