Hang Tags With String

Hang Tags With String
Product Details



Universal Seal Label / String Label / Label Fastener




Bullet label, buckle, shuttle, 13cm / 21cm rope, square, round



Surface Finishing

Aluminum foil stamping / bronzing / relief logo / recessed logo


Environmentally friendly dyeing (polyester/cotton/rayon/wax/ 2mm or 3mm wide tape)


1,000/plastic bags, 1,000/carton, 40,000 export cartons

Lead Time

8-10 days

Product introduction:

Hang tags with string can make your brand stand out. The tag we produce is both eye-catching and practical. We are committed to providing the highest quality printing for the most unique papers. We can produce all kinds of tags of various shapes and sizes. This product is made of a degradable material that perfectly matches any tag.

Product features:

1. Hang tags with string can be customized in color, shape, size and structure. It has fine surface engraving and durable pressed colors. It is environmentally friendly, glue-free and has high tensile strength. We can also customize string seals to suit your needs. Value-added string seals can be used to make your tag more unique and complement your brand image and style.

2. As long as the material of hang tags with string are made of plastic, you can also choose other materials to make it. This product is especially suitable for clothing, especially casual wear and denim. Most of the lines we supply are made of cotton, environmentally friendly and coated with the best wax. They are not too hard, not too soft, and a bit shiny.

Product display: