Funny Brass Metal Monogrammed Luggage Tag

Product Details

Product introduction:

1. The size of the Funny Brass Metal Monogrammed Luggage Tag we produce can be arbitrarily sized according to your requirements. It has antique silver, no nickel black, and DTM colors to choose from. In addition, you can match the tag with the same color as your suitcase to better match the trunk and tag.

2. The quality of this Funny Brass Metal Monogrammed Luggage Tag is very good and harmless to the human body because it is lead-free and nickel-free and we have SGS report. This custom metal luggage tag gives customers a classic impression.

Product features:

1. Purchase one for each baggage before you travel. Information permanently engraved on these tags will help to quickly find your product when your bag is lost. Each tag can be securely attached to your trunk. It can engrave words on it, but with a certain character limit. It is also equipped with a lanyard for you to use better.

2. The Funny Brass Metal Monogrammed Luggage Tag has a variety of shapes. It has long strips, folds, rounds, triangles, pockets and other special shapes. This product itself is resistant to wear and scratches. Rinse with feather dust or water and then wipe with a soft cloth.

Product display: