Clothing Plastic Hang Swing Tag Australia

Product Details


Material: Clear pvc material

Printing: Pantone color printing; CYMK printing; 

String tag: all kinds of ribbons, cotton tape, herringbone tape, cotton cord, real leather or PU cord, PVC or metal clip, and so on.

Product features:

The design, printing and production of this Clothing Plastic Hang Swing Tag Australia we produce are very particular. When we made it, we paid special attention to the graphic design of the tag so that we can notice the small details in each tag.

We offer customized services, so buyers can carefully consider the elements to be printed on the Clothing Plastic Hang Swing Tag Australia. The necessary ingredient descriptions, washing instructions, and brief descriptions of the products are all well printed on the tag according to your requirements.

In addition, we can design legends and even decorate your Clothing Plastic Hang Swing Tag Australia in a vivid and innovative way like cartoons. Clothing tag can give people an intuitive feeling, so that consumers have a deeper impression of brand products, in order to play a very good role in publicity and promotion.

Product display: