Greaseproof Paper Bags

Greaseproof Paper Bags
Product Details


Usage: Food, Tea,Medicine,Seed,Coffee,Liquid,Powder,Clothes

Style: Flat,Stand-up,Zip-lock,Side-gusset. Depend on customer's requirements

Sample: Free sample (freight charge by customer)

Product introduction:

This greaseproof paper bag is an environmentally friendly alternative to plastics. This product effectively prevents oil and grease from penetrating the bag. This product can be used to hold sandwiches, muffins, wraps, etc. They have a paper structure so you can throw them away after use. In addition, they are oil resistant so you can use them to contain oily foods.

Product features:

This greaseproof paper bag is made of oil-tight paper, which is usually used for cooking or food packaging. It is a greaseproof paper produced by refining paper stock, so it has a very low porosity sheet. This paper is supercalendered to further increase density. It is a smooth glossy paper. It is resistant to air, water and grease. It's a top-fitting bag to prevent food spills.

In addition, this greaseproof paper bag is also essential for takeaway stores. They can be packaged in food so that you can provide a cleaner package of food and make your food more accessible to your customers. In addition, the surface of this product can also be personalized for printing. The ink used in our printed patterns is food grade ink, so it meets the environmental and sanitary requirements for food packaging. This kind of food-grade ink for printing can avoid the heavy metal residue in the ordinary packaging production, plus the inner film and outer packaging, effectively preventing the secondary pollution of the product.