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What Are The Factors That Affect The Price Of A Customized Paper Bag?

Jun 27, 2017

Recently, many friends in the consultation of the price of customized paper bag, often overlooked some of the objective problem, because the appearance of small paper bag is actually a university asked, just to a photo is difficult to quote the exact price.

Factors affecting the price of customized paper bag can be divided into the following categories:

1. the number, which is almost any one of the paper bag manufacturers to ask them will ask, because a single section, no matter how many paper bag made, need to make a printed version, the more the number, spread to each paper bag The less the printing price, so the more a single paper bag is cheaper.

2. Paper bag itself, the common material is white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, special paper these categories. General white cardboard and coated paper prices are quite different in the material will not be very different. Kraft paper, domestic cheaper, imported yellow kraft paper is also relatively cheap, even lower than the price of white cardboard, but a ton of white kraft paper than a cup of white card expensive expensive, white kraft paper bag price Naturally down on the down. Special paper is the most expensive kind of material, generally rarely used.

3. Printing, although mentioned above has been mentioned here, but here refers to a single paper bag from its color to determine the price. On the paper bag printing industry, the color to reconcile the price, four-color printing (that is, a lot of color printing) the price is the cheapest, followed by spot color printing, the most expensive is the three spot color or two spot color printing. Of course, both sides of the paper bag printing, the price is double, the final price is based on the paper bag area to determine the.

4. Process, made of paper bag are common gold foil technology, dusting process, UV technology of these three. Of course, their price is determined by the area, if the same area, the powder is the cheapest one, bronzing moderate (hot gold more expensive), UV is the most expensive of a process. Of course, different processes will certainly have different effects, generally done on the brand Logo.

  The most important thing that affects the price of a paper bag is that these factors, of course, cover the film and sub-film, with a ribbon or round rope for the handle which also part of the price of paper bag, but in general will not be particularly large difference.