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The More The Reasons For The Popularity Of Portable Paper Bag!

To the shopping malls to go to the brand name shop sweep goods to visit the exhibition ... ... always see people carrying the hands of a variety of signs carrying a portable paper bag. They are the means of loading clothing and business promotion, but with the standard more and more beautiful, and has the characteristics of environmental protection and recyclable, these handbags gradually expand from the commercial field to the private sector.

This summer, this paper bag wind blowing more and more strong, many shopping malls will be beautifully printed, portable green paper shopping bag portable paper bag pushed on the forefront of fashion. The size of these bags and some huge, some petite; color can be elegant, but also bright Yan; pattern or unconventional, or fresh and fresh; both in the use of shopping bags, but also in the travel when folded, very consumer welcome.

In fact, before the attention of the handbag bag market is not high, as a handbag when the bag is not as superior temperament; used as a shopping bag, as plastic bags to the convenience, even if some brand-name line has been sold in China Longchamp folding bag, it is only the Paris women's "buy a package", it is difficult to board the Daya Hall. However, with the plastic limit and the concept of environmental protection gradually popular, people began to re-examine their advantages, portable paper bag began to win more and more people of all ages.

In fact, not near the brand-name handbag also do not have a taste, as a recyclable resources, environmental protection itself is a fashion. With its pursuit of luxury spending beyond their own spending bags, not as good as from the real life to seek their own cultural value. A beautifully designed, but also the performance of the mood of the paper bag bag, do not need much of the rendering, can still reflect the extraordinary taste of consumers.