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The Main Features Of Resin Button

Jun 05, 2017

The raw materials for the production of buttons are mainly unsaturated polyester resins, curing agents, and auxiliary materials. (1) Unsaturated polyester resin: The resin used in the production of the button requires a viscosity of 10-20 Pa.s, low heat release during curing, short gel time, easy coloring of the resin, and slow growth in the curing stage. (2) curing agent: initiator using methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, accelerator with cobalt naphthenate. (3) auxiliary materials: including color paste, pearl powder, thixotropic agents and so on. Pearlescent powder for the basic lead carbonate hexagonal flaky crystal, in the molding process can be arranged in parallel, showing pearl luster, thixotropic agent for the active silica, mainly used to prevent the lack of mutual penetration of color.

Resin button is unsaturated polyester button short, it mainly has the following characteristics:

1, good wear resistance, unsaturated resin is thermosetting * resin, the high strength of the material, than the thermoplastic plexiglass button surface resistance to a lot of strong, therefore, generally resistant to washing machine continuous friction without breaking, even if In the sand wash clothing with resin button, but also to withstand the test of sand washing.

2, resistant to ordinary high temperature, the general resin button can withstand 100 ° C hot water treatment for about an hour or so, clothing ironing, you can not have to remove the button, which is other ordinary plastic buttons do not have, The button can not withstand high pressure cooker.

3, good chemical resistance, resin button can withstand 30% of the various inorganic acids and ordinary double water corrosion, but not in the ketones, esters, banana water and alkaline water for a long time soak, strong simulation.

4, color and diverse, bright color, strong simulation, it can be said that this feature is different from other buttons button is the key to other buttons, but also because of this reason, so that the resin button in today's world of the industry's enduring and enduring The Because of its easy processing, so any shape of the buttons can be produced, and fast, low prices.

Resin button as the current market commonly used buttons, which are mainly magnetic white buttons, flat pearl buttons, glass pearl buttons, Yunhua imitation buttons and striped buttons these five buttons.