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The Fritters Paper Bag Are The Result Of Civilized Selection

Jun 15, 2017

Human civilization has evolved, has become the moment the people can not marvel at the classic product. Just shopping this link, from the original simple straw, to the subsequent paper shopping bags, and the current more popular plastic bags. It is noteworthy that even if the current plastic bags are very popular, but people are still willing to choose paper bag to complete shopping needs and so on.

Words in the history of mankind, the first use of paper bag shopping, or in the 20th century, the United States, when the first people use kraft paper bag. And the origin of this kraft paper bag, or a grocery store owner, in order to allow customers to buy more items one-time items. Today, paper bag have not only to meet the needs of more shopping, more is to facilitate shopping, which is today's fritters paper bag causes.

Perhaps now it may be said that the plastic bag how light it, after a one-time purchase, run out can be thrown away. But think about it, and the fritters of paper bag different, plastic bags but no environmental awareness and convenience.

 Fritters are common in our lives a class of food, many people are willing to get up early, buy two fritters, followed by a bowl of milk, must be a good day. But this time it may be noticed that most people who buy fritters are willing to carry their favorite food, eat on the way to work. Like fried dough sticks of this kind of fried food, usually faced with oil leakage, and even dregs of various troubles, so choose bags, fried fritters is also a technical live.

Usually buy fried dough sticks, have its special wrapping paper, which we call fritters. This kind of paper bag, is also our commonly known Lin paper bag. Through the paper for oil treatment, making the packaging bags of greasy food characteristics, more easily apparent.

Conventional use of fritters paper bag, and more with kraft paper as a packaging material, a small part of the use of white paper as a packaging material, after anti-oil treatment, into different types of fried food, can give people not the same enjoyment.