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The Change Of Printing Process Of Portable Paper Bag

In the gift box printing, the companion bag is inevitable, there are many varieties of portable paper bag, but most of the portable paper bag on the market is still rectangular, single shape, and orders are often not printed a lot. So how do we not reduce the quality of printed products at the same time, reduce the cost of printing bags to improve corporate profits?

To this end, Huayu packaging in the portable paper bag printing paper technology to do a certain study - molded version of the repeated use. In most cases, the portable paper bag is not a direct packaging, but the product first installed in the carton or plastic bag, and then placed in the handbag bag, in order to facilitate the hand and look elegant, which makes the customer size of the paper bag Accuracy requirements are not as strict as cartons. According to the characteristics of the portable paper bag, the printing paper factory has produced a long, wide, wide and high size of the actual summary of the bag, according to the height of the handbag bag classification number.

For example, the height of the portable paper bag is between 25cm and 30cm, and the molded version of the portable paper bag in this category is numbered in the same order, and the serial number corresponds to the serial number (Including length, width and height), molded version of the layout method, molded version of the Miao mouth to the handle of the folding edge of the distance. There are customers to print the paper bag, the first look for statistical tables, the same size of the best, if only a similar size of the portable paper bag, customers can discuss whether it can be printed in a similar size, such as the customer, To the size of the plate, printing, and then have used the existing molded version of the indentation processing, cutting the cost of building the molding plate and time, so as to achieve their goals.