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The Button Are The Necessities Of Human Life Clothing

Jun 15, 2017

Button is often accompanied by human life clothing supplies. Its use, has been six thousand years of history. As early as four thousand years ago, the ancestors of Iran's Persians, they have made use of stone button. China's Zhou Dynasty has begun to use the shirt under the system. Both men and women are wearing a coat of clothes under the two clothes. Inwardly there are officials specializing in the production of dress, civil and military Baiguan do ceremony, you must wear a dress. At that time the use of clothing is more standardized, clothing system is also quite complete.

Chinese people to the button spread to Europe, was only used by men, fewer female users, most people just used as clothing. Some dignitaries in order to show their wealth, with precious gold and silver, pearls, precious stones, diamonds, rhinoceros horn, antelope horn, ivory precious material, refined made of button. France has King Louis XIV, with 13,000 precious button inlaid to do a king robe records. I am now in the collection, it is useful with precious horns, antelope horn, ivory, gold and silver precious material produced by the precious button.

Here you introduce three kinds of special button, the application of these three button is not wide, but very unique, and only some special occasions.

Opaque injection button

This type of button is often the pigment directly into the resin coloring and injection into a variety of colors of the button. When the bulk of the larger batches, and the color before the production has been identified, often using pre-mixed pigment coloring method. The advantage of using this method is that you can choose a relatively low-cost plastic to reduce costs and facilitate injection molding. Pigments Colored plastic button are commonly used plastic polypropylene, ABS and so on. The main advantage of using polypropylene plastic is the low cost of the material, the lower requirements of the mold, injection molding process is good, excellent corrosion resistance of injection products (almost resistant to most organic solvents and acid and alkali erosion), button The mechanical properties of the better. In addition to polypropylene, ABS is also often used to produce colored plastic button, but the price of ABS is higher than that of polypropylene, and the performance of organic solvents is worse than that of polypropylene. In general, the overall performance of ABS coloring button is less than that of polyethylene, so the use is not wide.

Stone button

Currently on the market popular stone button are mainly marble button. The production of marble button has been batch production. Marble button is characterized by a high hardness and wear resistance; and high temperature, resistant to organic solvents, not for the general concentration of acid and alkali corrosion. From the appearance of the button point of view, due to a variety of natural patterns, but also very unique, can be used for special occasions, for some people love.

Manhattan button

This is a hot-pressing high-temperature pearl button, also belong to a class of imitation shell button. Button types are mainly a single pearl, double pearl, double colorful pearl and so on. The quality of the button material is good, the price is good, especially its temperature resistance and mechanical strength are much higher than the ordinary resin buckle, so mainly used for regular cleaning, easy to wear clothes, such as shirt button.