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The Basic Knowledge Of Food Hand Paper Bag Selection

Hand Paper Bag, as the name suggests is used to hold items, easy to carry the bag. Its bearing function determines its material and form, according to the use of materials can be divided into portable paper bag, plastic bags, bags, a wide range of small baskets and small baskets. The most common, the highest frequency of use should be paper bag and plastic bags, followed by bags, small baskets and small baskets in the metropolis rare.

Portable paper bag

Most of the handbag Paper Bag are made of thick kraft paper, white cardboard, gray white cardboard, white cardboard and copper cardboard, printed by offset press, die cut, sticky and molded. As the printing technology and equipment modernization, printing patterns are very beautiful, delicate, rich form of expression, modern printing in all the technology can be displayed on a small handbag, such as bronzing, bump, UV, die-cutting shaped and so on.

Due to differences in material, kraft paper stiffness and toughness is better, the surface is also relatively rough, and with the background, generally not suitable for 4-color printing, only some monochrome printing, do not have the surface coating, the production cost 1.5 yuan (off). Kraft paper bag in the adhesive molding should pay attention to the use of good quality glue, or there will be the phenomenon of wear bottom and burst mouth. At the same time, kraft paper bag placed for too long will appear degumming phenomenon. White cardboard, white cardboard, white cardboard and copper cardboard has a common feature, the surface is delicate, are white, suitable for 4-color printing, can print a very beautiful pattern, because the paper itself Toughness and fear of water characteristics, usually after printing on the surface of the film (BOPP film, also known as two-way stretch polypropylene film, said the paper bag for the paper-plastic composite bag), increase its toughness and water resistance, After the film treatment of handbags generally do not appear degumming phenomenon, the production cost of 1.3 to 2.0 yuan, the highest cost of copper cardboard handbags, followed by white cardboard handbags, gray white cardboard handbags, white cardboard handbags The