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Should The Button Change The Presence Of The Professional Market?

Jun 27, 2017

Is not all the industrial base are suitable for the construction of the corresponding professional market?

The existence and development of professional market can not be separated from a strong industrial base as the basis, but not all of the industrial base must be built a large market. In fact, from the current professional market trends, the professional market must be large-scale, full product, service functions, strong traffic radiation, or can not bring the convenience of buyers, the market expansion will be great limit. Wenzhou bridge button market decline is due to the product is too single and lack of traffic conditions, the rapid rise of Yiwu, Shaoxing and other markets to absorb.

From the current situation of Jiangsu's current industrial development, most industrial bases in the initial stage of industrial clusters, the industrial chain is not complete, the product structure is relatively simple, in this industry based on the birth of the professional market, easy to become similar to the Wenzhou bridge button market " Micro-professional market ", buyers arrive at the time of the industrial base is also easy to cross the professional market directly to the manufacturers to deal with, resulting in the decline of market function to the market decline. Therefore, in this sense, not every industrial base to build the corresponding professional market, only the full range of the industry, the product is highly integrated, to provide one-stop procurement, with strong traffic radiation capacity as the support, relying on a complete industry Chain, professional market will have inexhaustible vitality.

What is the threshold of modern professional big market?

The threshold of modern professional big market is very high. It is a public information platform with e-commerce, logistics and distribution, product incubation, talent training, technology research and development. Small and medium-sized market is unable to establish this platform for various reasons. The It is easy to be involved in the big market, "whirlpool", just like Yiwu China Commodity City, in its strong development to attract, Wenzhou button, Pujiang crystal and other peripheral industries have to Yiwu closer, business households have to Yiwu new Management area transfer, which led to the original local production of some of the smaller professional market attractiveness of the decline, the benefits of a sharp decline.

In any case, the button industry is in a strong process of development. Profitable business is worthy of admiration, the temporary loss of the need not too depressed. Wins not arrogant, failure is not hungry, success or failure are experience.

  In the domestic market share of the button market is our common aspiration, the domestic market development of the more prosperous prosperity is our common goal. I believe that as long as all businesses continue to work hard, our domestic button market will be more and more people wish.