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Paper Bag Custom In The Back Cover 3 Hot Melt Adhesive Design

Paper bag back cover with three hot melt design, can effectively solve the bottom of the paper bag degumming, bottom of the situation. Often have customers say, paper bag carrying a little more things to break the paper bag. It is because the paper bag will be broken through the artificial white glue, and white glue viscosity and bearing capacity of only 3-5 pounds, a customer carrying baggage stuff will certainly be broken.

Hot melt adhesive, in a certain temperature range of its physical state changes with the temperature changes, the non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly chemical products, bonding strength, speed and other advantages and favored.

Melt viscosity: 6000CPs / 180 ° C

Softening point: 95 ℃ plus or minus 5 ℃

Gardner Color: 0 ± 0.2

Early sticky:> 15 # copper ball

Peel strength:> 4.8N / in2

Recommended temperature: 150-170 °

The above data is hot melt adhesive data show that the peel strength:> 4.8N / in2 bearing capacity up to 5-10KG, this data is strong to ensure the integrity of the bottom of the paper bag.

The efficiency and quality of the manual paste is much worse than that of the hot-melt adhesive machine, and the paper bag over time, the hand-held paper bag is easy to lose stickiness, which is more prone to bottom, while the paper bag Time will be greatly reduced

Our packaging is used in hot melt adhesive machine paste paste, through the automatic paste machine at the end of the operation, the location of the dispensing and the area of the coating are calculated through the accurate, and hot melt adhesive also has a strict quality and quality assessment , Which greatly enhance the quality of paper bags, paper bag bearing in the 5-10KG, storage time can be about 2 years.