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Low-carbon Travel On The Election Kraft Paper Bag

With the country to vigorously promote environmental protection, the masses of environmental awareness has gradually increased, low-carbon travel has been reflected in more and more people who. Division I actively respond to the call of the state, starting from the enterprise itself, starting from an environmental bag.

Because the concept of environmental protection gradually enjoys popular support, the environmental requirements of the bag is also increasingly high. Quuang packaging to respond positively to the call of the state, the use of environmentally friendly kraft paper as the most basic material of the bag to help the country to solve the environmental protection of this big problem, kraft paper bag custom selection are environmentally friendly, recycling kraft paper materials.

Paper bag commonly used in the process are: printing, bronzing, UV, film, embossed, polishing and so on. A beautiful paper bag is not beautiful, generally depends on the craft of the paper bag.

Bronzing process

Bronzing process is the most commonly used process, because the bronzing effect of a strong sense of metal, beautiful color, some gift paper bags will often be used. Bronzing at the same time is a complex process technology, in the process of kraft paper bag bronzing need to fully consider the impact of many factors before they can burn a satisfactory bronzing effect.

Varnish process

The process of polishing the varnish is to prevent the ink between the paper bag and the paper bag, because a large area of printed content accumulation of a lot of ink, and ink in a short time will not dry is easy to scratch the ink to other paper bags. This is the common decolorization, but through the varnish can effectively prevent bleaching.

printing art

Through the end of the printing, LOGO part of the blank, there will be different effects Oh

UV process

UV is mainly to enhance the brightness and increase the three-dimensional, most of the company's LOGO

Bright film process

The effect of the film is the paper bag on the surface is very beautiful