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Kraft Paper Bag Why So Get Everyone's Favorite

May 10, 2017

With the country to vigorously promote environmental protection, the masses of environmental awareness has gradually increased, low-carbon travel has been reflected in more and more people who. Song light responded positively to the call of the state, starting from the enterprise itself, starting from an environmental Paper Bag.

Because the concept of environmental protection gradually popular, the environmental requirements of the bag is also increasingly high. Division I actively respond to the call of the state, the use of environmentally friendly kraft paper as the most basic material of the bag to help the country to solve the environmental protection of this big problem, kraft paper bag custom selection are environmentally friendly, recycling kraft paper materials.

Why do customers choose kraft paper bag? Kraft paper bag in the packaging industry is a common paper bag, every day shiny paper bag will be received kraft paper bag customized inquiry phone. Kraft paper bag paper color is generally yellow, white, kraft paper tear resistance, rupture resistance, dynamic attitude is very high, because the high strength of kraft paper characteristics, so customers will choose kraft paper bag.

Kraft paper used in the gift box made of the packaging is also very practical, made of kraft paper bag is the most commonly used in food packaging. Visible kraft paper can be widely used. Kraft paper bag why so get everyone's favorite is the reason.