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Knowledge Production And Clothing Label

1, a common logo for the offset printing paper products. Screen printing of plastic products is relatively rare and less.

2, Offset printing principle is quite simple, good or bad depends on the absolute level of quality machinery and equipment; paper processing is more flexible, with the designer's preference of various treatments, so under normal circumstances the designer will be able original soul flexibility demonstrated.

3, each making things all have a basic step, logo design is no exception, but must carefully consider the good arrange proper arrangements for each step.

As long as the basic process is divided into the following major categories

Design (drawings) - the plate - printing - paper - processed (front to back)

Clothing accessories knowledge about plastic Chapter

Plastic chapter, also known Disu chapter, chapter or pvc, carving through the die temperature stereotypes and other technology, the product features a flexible expression, full stereo effect. In recent years, as many companies are expressing through this brand.