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Introduction Of Metal Button Plating Technology

Electroplating technology in a very wide range of modern applications, plating can increase the hardness of the product to prevent wear, improve the conductivity, lubricity, heat resistance, and surface appearance. In the clothing accessories industry, many buttons (including metal buttons, plastic buttons, etc.), belt buckle and some jewelry and so on need electroplating processing, China Button Trading Network Xiaobian here to share the summary of metal button plating technology knowledge The

Electroplating (Electroplating) is the use of electrolytic principle in some metal surface coated with a thin layer of other metals or alloys process, is the use of electrolytic metal or other materials on the surface of a layer of metal film process to play To prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, conductivity, reflective and enhance the aesthetic and other effects, such as metal button plating.

Metal button plating principle: in the plating bath containing the plating solution, after cleaning and special pretreatment of the plating as a cathode, made of galvanized metal, poles were connected with the DC power supply negative and positive. The plating solution is composed of an aqueous solution containing a metal-coated compound, a conductive salt, a buffer, a pH adjuster and an additive. After the power, the metal ions in the plating solution, under the action of the potential difference to move to the cathode to form a coating. The metal of the anode forms metal ions into the plating solution to maintain the concentration of the metal ions to be plated. In some cases, such as chrome, is the use of lead, lead antimony alloy made of insoluble anode, it only acts to transmit electrons, conduction current. The concentration of chromium ions in the electrolyte depends on the regular addition of the chromium compound to the bath. Electroplating, the quality of the anode material, the composition of the plating solution, temperature, current density, power-on time, stirring strength, precipitation of impurities, power waveforms will affect the quality of the coating, the need for timely control.

Metal button plating Category: Button plating can be divided into hanging plating, barrel plating, continuous plating and brush plating, etc., mainly with the size of the pieces to be plated, batch and requirements.

Electroplating power through the four stages of development

(1) DC generator stage This power supply energy consumption, low efficiency, noise. Has been eliminated.

(2) silicon rectification phase is the replacement of DC generators, technology is very mature, but the efficiency is low, bulky, control is not convenient. At present, there are still many companies use this plating power supply.

(3) SCR rectification stage is the mainstream alternative to silicon rectifier power supply, with high efficiency, small size, easy control and so on. With the core device - SCR technology mature and development. The power technology has become more mature, has been widely used.

(4) transistor switching power supply that is pulse power stage pulse plating power supply is the most advanced electroplating power supply, it is the emergence of a revolution in electroplating power. This power supply has a small size, high efficiency, superior performance, ripple factor stability. And is not susceptible to the characteristics of the output current. Pulse plating power supply is the direction of development, has now begun to use in the enterprise indiscriminately.

Metal button plating process is basically as follows

1 Connect the plated metal to the anode

2 Connect the plating to the cathode

3 Anodes are connected to the electrolyte solution consisting of positive ions of the plated metal

4 after the DC power supply, the anode metal will be oxidation (loss of electrons), the solution of the positive ions are reduced in the cathode (get electrons) into atoms and accumulated in the negative surface.

After electroplating the appearance of electroplated objects and the size of the current relationship, the smaller the current, the object will be electroplated more beautiful; otherwise there will be some uneven shape.