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How To Lay The Embroidered Version

1. Genuine embroidery software

To produce good embroidery version, some better tools, namely embroidery software embroidery to choose genuine software. Embroidery software piracy in the market, there are many relatively easy to get, but how to use them only using pirated software in his heart embroidery best. This feeling comes from the guests come to consult embroidery software often encountered. Embroidery plate to some extent is like painting, painting tool is the use of brushes, embroidery plate embroidery software tool is. Imagine if a painter or a person really draw if he brushes off frequently or pigment is not pure, that would be how he eventually it works? Videos also can not draw how long can reflect its art works. A wealth of experience and then the master plate, if he uses imperfect software embroidery plate, he is in any case no legal version of a perfect embroidered belt.

2. The comprehensive considerations related to other embroidery

To play well with version, also needed to be considered some other factors related to the embroidery. For example, the shape of embroidery used in fabrics and embroidery patterns. If the final embroidery deformed article appeared, then you should consider whether you need to make the shape of the shrink compensation Reformed embroidery patterns, or you can try to sew stitch embroidery needle under use to stabilize embroidery fabrics. If rough or uneven stitches, you can use the auto-under seam shrinkage compensation, short stitch, trim and smart corner numerical and other methods to achieve a smooth, even stitches.