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Green Paper Bag Change Life

"Plastic limit Order" has been implemented for more than eight years, more and more people concerned about environmental protection, the practice of low-carbon ideas are more and more people. Paper Bag are made of polyethylene, after burial for thousands of years to achieve biological degradation decomposition, but also to produce harmful greenhouse gases. It is known that paper is a recyclable resource, and that it is becoming more and more environmentally friendly.

The use of paper bag is also a lot of different uses, the size of the design of different sizes, including paper bag paper thickness have a lot of requirements, so according to the actual situation to customize. As the foundation of the design, the grasping of the form psychology is very important, from the visual psychology, people reject the monotonous uniform form, pursue the variety change, the shopping bag printing should reflect the company's distinctive characteristic.

Paste Paper bag as an ancient handicraft industry, environmentally friendly and durable. Now the paper bag has been designed and printed, has become a variety of high-grade commodity packaging or gift bags. For paper bag design, generally is very concise, as the extension of commercial advertising strategy, highlighting the corporate image is the key. And now there are more and more ideas used in the paper bag, on the tape printed on a variety of funny patterns, so that life quietly become more interesting.

After the introduction of plastic limit, some colors, shapes, materials of various environmental protection paper bag have been listed, to a certain extent, has been identified, paper bag manufacturers began to launch large tote bags to promote environmental protection. So how many times is environmental protection bags more environmentally friendly than Paper Bag?

The study found that paper bag used 3 times to equate to the impact of disposable Paper Bag on the environment. Although the paper bag is easy to degrade, but also very easy to break, loading ability is low, humidity-proof ability is poor, the service life is short, the general use less than 3 times will be discarded. In order to increase oil, waterproof and strong performance, many paper bags also installed plastic film, but also launched a Kraft bag.

So if you're using an eco-friendly paper bag, use it as much as you can for a few years to make it truly environmentally friendly. After all, that is the purpose of their appearance. Environmentally friendly bags Instead of Paper Bag may not fundamentally solve the problem of pollution, so we also need to develop savings, not littering the good habit.