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Gift Paper Bag Design Specification

Gift paper bag design specifications manufacturing principles paper bag top edge are folded 60mm, used to strengthen the hand grip. The width of the bottom of the bag is 15mm, to strengthen the bearing capacity of the bottom of the bag (side by 15mm).

Paper bag vat is always 30mm, must be on the right, in order to automatically paste the bag.

Gift paper bag finished paper should be set up 2 Road, top edge 6 Road, bottom 6 Road, and other folding bag mark to facilitate the correct shape of paper bag. Gift paper bag production size, to meet the paper open number, to facilitate economic benefits. The paper wire is parallel to the "high" of the paper bag to facilitate paper folding.

Bag size bag length / 180 ~ 350mm.

Paper bag width / 60 ~ 160mm.

Paper bag height / 270 ~ 450mm.

Paper thickness / about 100 to 150 pounds.

Mention the selection / paper rope or cotton rope.

The quality of the paper bag is still the key to its production process, how to make a good paper bag, the following we learn together.

Paper bag is made of polyolefin resin by drawing process, and then cut into different sizes after the film or plate-like substrate, and then according to the design requirements of the substrate sewn into a round or square bag-like products The

Paper bag is a flexible transport packaging container, with a plastic light, soft, acid and alkali corrosion and moisture, no leakage of excellent performance; in the structure with sufficient strength, and has a solid security, container, , To adapt to the characteristics of mechanized operations, can be widely used in chemical, cement, food, minerals and other types of powder, granular, lumps of goods packaging.

The above is the production process of paper bag, we hope to help.