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Flat And Satin Weaving Mark Difference

Aug 03, 2016

Weaving plant mechanical lock produced woven label, like the usual machines, usage limit has weft varieties, in addition to the washing and size, the standard light-colored background, cloth length, generally speaking whenever stationary warp there must be different from the original plane management, from the foregoing, flat woven chapters: the standard cloth, such as cloth tissue, plus a heavy yarn, called heavy shuttle.

Once a level of latitude easy staggered from the plane referred to simply mark; or black, the confession would go in tone and should not warp interspersed achievements but also some irregularities. If you need some kind of color richer sense of the length of the plane, and various shades along the warp direction. Weaving plant will be marked with a white cloth, the cloth is because this yarn to ease the pattern is to be more generous interpretation of detail and color, mostly flat-sided standard adoption. It can also be limits confession colors or white, value constitute factors: the underlying cloth width, cloth underlying pattern and color have taken the first weft speaking out.