Custom Sewing Labels

Custom Sewing Labels
Product Details


Material: polyester yarn, cotton yarn, satin, brocade, gold / silver, etc.

Label border: border with border, with seam

Uses: Suitable for all kinds of clothing, toys, bags, hats, towels, bags, gloves, home textiles, bedding, furniture, baby products, baby carriages, shoes, headwear, etc.

Shape: Available in various shapes according to your requirements.

Label backing: iron, paper backing, adhesive, etc.

Features: environmentally friendly, waterproof, durable, washable, etc.

Label type: main label, care label, etc.

Certificate: oeko-tex certificate

MOQ: 5000pcs

Sampling time: 6 days

Product features:

1. These custom sewing labels are printed with high-quality fabric with non-fading ink. I use a high-quality, tightly woven material to make the label and print it under bias, so the label won't be easily unlocked. It is natural and very soft. The label is non-fading, anti-wear and hand washable.

2. You can choose to make a custom label. You can contact us at the checkout to determine the design and printing of your fonts to build your personal logo on custom sewing label. The label does not contain irritating chemicals, so it does not cause allergies to your skin.

3. This custom sewing label can be used as a personalized clothing label to showcase the care and laundry instructions. In addition, it can also be used to display brand or pricing information. So whether you're looking for branded labels, other personalized clothing labels, or any other type of label, you can connect with us.

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