PU Jeans Patch Label

Product Details

Product introduction:

This PU Jeans Patch Label can be used on jeans as a logo or as a promotional item for product details. Its surface treatment uses screen printing, hot stamping, laser cutting, embroidery, metal plating, etc., so it has a good surface and a unique pattern. This PU material label is environmentally friendly so it is degradable and not harmful to the environment. Labels made from this material are also particularly easy to clean and have a strong durability. Our product supports customized services.

Product features:

1. Color can be dyed from Panton color card or YKK color card. We can make a logo based on your design samples. We offer a variety of leather labels such as PU leather labels, leather labels and synthetic leather labels. They can be printed, hot pressed and embroidered with your logo.

2. The PU Jeans Patch Label is mainly sewn on the back of the waist of the jeans. In addition, it is also used for bags, handbags, shoes, hats, etc. The PU Jeans Patch Label feels smooth, soft and elastic. It can better reflect the beauty and style of your jeans. PU labels can be attached to different parts of the product, such as leather zipper pulls. In addition, the PU label brand with logo serves as an annotated feature.

Production Process:

1. According to the customer's needs, order the leather material from the leather factory, and determine the thickness, color and process of the leather label.

2. Make molds based on the customer's leather label artwork.

3. Leather materials and molds are beginning to be stamped to prepare for the production of leather labels.

4. Secure the custom embroidery or metal trim to the leather label.

5. Conduct strict quality control. Discard unqualified leather label products.

6. Check the number of leather labels and prepare for shipment.