Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch

Product Details



PU,imitation leather, real leather, synthetic leather, wash-water paper leather.etc


thermal printing ,embossed ,hot Stamp, laser cut,embroidery,gloss oil ,hollowed-out,etc


Widely used for garment, bags, shoes,artwares,toys, electrical equipment etc.


customized color


customized size


Customized according to your requirement(from 1cm to 3cm)

Product introduction:

When your beloved sweater, cardigan or sweater is broken, you will probably think about the need to fix it in the first place. The most common place for these clothes to be worn is the elbows, or you want to strengthen the elbows of the newly bought clothes. At this point, you can add a nice Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch to your sweater, cardigan or sweater.

Product features:

1. The original use of this Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch is to be strong and wearable, and later popular around the world, becoming a fashion element. Therefore, this product can also make your clothes more fashionable.

2. The Microfiber Genuine Leather Suede Elbow Patch we produce has different colors, so you can put different shades of cloth or leather on the clothes, which has an unexpected and interesting effect. This product can be ironed and sewn to the clothes.

Ironing method:

1. First place the cloth on the position you want to stick, the side with the hot melt adhesive on the side (the glue can't be torn off), preheat the iron, and iron it from the front of the cloth for 10-20 seconds to fix the cloth. position. It is also possible to fix the position of the cloth with a needle thread before ironing to avoid offsetting.

2. Turn the fixed position of the cloth together with the textile, and iron it from the reverse side for 30-60 seconds to ensure that the backing melts and the cloth is firmly attached to the textile.

3. Finally, ironing from the front for 1-2 minutes, mainly ironing the edges and corners of the cloth, ensuring that the surface is smooth and smooth, blending with the textile.

Production process:

1. According to the customer's needs, order the leather material from the leather factory, and determine the thickness, color and process of the leather patch.

2. Make molds according to the customer's leather patch.

3. Leather materials and molds are beginning to be stamped to prepare for the leather patch.

4. Conduct strict quality control. Discard unqualified leather label products.

5. Check the number of leather labels and prepare for shipment.