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What do you think is environmentally friendly paper bags?

Aug 03, 2016

1 small white kraft paper bags, generally such bags in large quantities, using a wide range, because some claim that many businesses are cheap and durable kraft paper bags, paper bags generally this approach is molding machine, the machine posted rope entirely by machine operation.

2 medium-sized brown paper bag approach, usually medium-sized brown paper bags are attached to the machine after the synthetic rope attached through human hand and made into paper bags, due to the current domestic kraft paper bag molding equipment by molding size restrictions, and kraft paper bags stickers affixed only a small bag rope machine rope, paper bags so the practice is limited by the machine. Many of the bags is no way for the machine to complete production alone.

3, large bags, head of counter-kraft paper bags, thick yellow kraft paper bags, kraft paper bags these practices to be handmade, currently there are no able to solve these kraft paper bag forming machine, only handmade, and this class kraft paper bag higher production costs, the number will not be great.