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Water Mark weaving Mark standard flat price Components

Flat standard: the standard cloth, such as cloth structure, a simple up and down by the interwoven weft is called a simple plane mark. Generally warp yarns are fixed, or black, or white, so there are black calm Water Mark White of the points, light-colored background marked, usually with the white, dark black generally flat. Cloth patterns and colors are the main subject of the weft to express, expressed by the color should cross the warp effect is not the same but different. Due to general use machines have weft restricting the types of colors it can express will be limited, generally less than eight kinds.

From the foregoing, woven label price structure factors: the underlying fabric width, namely the amount of the warp with; length Water Mark cloth length, color and all along the warp direction. For more details and rich color expression, doubling the weft are called double-standard, if a color sample need more three-dimensional, coupled with a heavy yarn, called heavy shuttle. In addition to washing and size, but they use a standard flat-sided. Yarn cloth are expressed in a pattern, and certainly there are differences with the original graphic design, it is not impossible to confirm sample bigger cargo.