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Mark woven selvage and trimming process is mainly divided into two kinds according to

When the desired trademark woven disposable width as needed, called selvage trademark.

This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but lower yields. There are also flat / satin of the points, is characterized by soft, very. Higher is better suited for clothing items, such as fashion, suits, etc., is very particular about the quality of Japanese manufacturers with the most machines in Japan also do pay attention. Woven edge satin label marked generally do, but difficult to express satin background, commonly used hot color / dyeing process to resolve this problem.

Selvage machine generally spindle machine, generally not more than four kinds of color; and crochet machines, can also weave a variety of quality craft, and even added a transparent polyester yarn in the warp yarns, crochet machine called fishing line.

The underlying cost structure in addition to the width of the cloth, colored total length, about the process, there are varieties of yarn is being used. JB series of yarn to the international common