Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons

Product Details

Product introduction:

1. Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons are light and delicate. With a rounded design, it is simple and elegant in appearance and has a vintage natural style. It is suitable for clothing and manual DIY use.

2. The Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons' faces can be laser engraved. The engraved lumps are clear and do not cut hands or cut lines. It does not fall off easily and maintains the natural color of the buckle. Each button is machined and trimmed, and the buckle is smooth and flat.

Product features:

* Large Craft Minecraft Wooden Toggle Buttons are mainly made of natural wood, so it is tough and durable, fine texture, moderate hardness, fine workmanship, and a natural retro style.

* It has been subjected to good processing and surface treatment, so its surface and edges are free of burrs.

* Button holes are specially polished to avoid cutting lines.

* It has competitive prices, good quality, custom shapes, and custom colors.

* It can be widely used in home textiles (quilts, covers, pillows/cores, mattresses), clothing, car mats, shirts, cardigans, children's wear, decoration, DIY, etc.



Natural wood buttons


Natural wood, wild or cultured

Material type


Buttons styles

Holes, self-shank, brass eyelets, laser logos.

Production process

Make blank, make shape, polish, match color, quality control and packaging.


Standard sizes are 9mm to 28mm; or as your request.


1.5mm to 6.5mm thick; self-shank buttons, the thickness may reach 13.0mm thick.


Round, heart, triangle, five-stars, flowers, oval, rectangular, hexagonal, teardrop, half moon, custom-made.

Colors finish

White, black or colorful, DTM or spraying, or custom-made.


0 hole, 1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes for bigger sizes, 6 holes or 9 holes, holes may be round or square.

Special features

Can be made any shape and color, cheap price, environmental and eco-friendly.

Buttons types

Normal or combination.

Packaging details

1. PE bags, 100-400 pieces buttons are packed in PE bags and put into smaller paper boxes.
2. Smaller Paper boxes; Some smaller boxes will be packed into one carton boxes.
3. Harder Carton boxes.